Jake D'Andrea

I grew up as a preachers kid, and I heard the gospel from the time I was born. I was always in church, and the gospel never clicked. I thought that God would never send a preacher's kid to hell. I went about my life without any fear of death. When I was eleven, I questioned my philosophy and decided to talk to my dad about salvation. I realized that, even if you are a good person, you still sin, and your sin separates you from God. I accepted Jesus as my Savior . I surrendered to go into full-time Christian service when I was in my late twenties. I packed up my family and went to bible college. I have been in full-time Christian service since 2008. My goal through my ministry is to walk worthy of God's calling in my life.

Jessica D'Andrea

At the age of seven, I realized that my sin would keep me from going to heaven. So I put my trust in Jesus' death on the cross as the payment for my sin. During my teenage years, I doubted my salvation from time to time; but settled it at summer camp! I have had the privilege to lead many people to Christ through the revival meetings that my husband preaches in. I share with women and young ladies with whom I speak, salvation is not a feeling, but it is repentance of sin and belief in the truth of God's word! I am happy to serve the Lord as a helpmeet to my husband and mother to my children!!